Personal Style: Little Black Dress

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I have a lot of little black dresses. Far too many, actually. But all of my little black dresses have something special about them, and I think that this LBD might be one of my favorites.

 photo IMG_8326.jpg

This darling scalloped Banana Republic number was a must-have for my closet.  The fabric is heavy and feels very luxe, the scalloped neckline and hem is flirty and girly, and it has pockets, which is a girl’s best friend.

 photo IMG_8332.jpg

But as much as I love this dress, I love this beautiful piece of public art even more.  This lovely lady is painted on the side of Buffalo Proper in the city.  The artist, Kristin Brandt, used the most beautiful metallic paint which glimmers in the sunlight.  I’ve been wanting to photograph her for a while now and I’m so glad that I caught her on this beautiful sunny day before the Buffalo weather turned.

 photo IMG_8339.jpg

Just a reminder, you can find the full location details of this piece as well as plenty of others on my Buffalo Public Art page!


Tower of Power

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With a name like Tower of Power, you know it’s gonna be good…

 photo IMG_8305.jpg

Check out Team Razor Wire‘s new mural, Tower of Power!  This beauty is located on the side of a building on Halbert Street near the Tri-Main Building in Buffalo.

 photo IMG_8319.jpg

Chris Kameck and Nick Miller, the team behind Razor Wire, are masters at geometry.  This is the fifth installment of the groups’ Advantageous Geometry Series.  I have one of their pieces from the Echo Art Fair listed on my Buffalo Public Art page.  Stay on the look out for a few more featured here  :)

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They are all about bringing a little bit of color to neighborhoods around the city that otherwise wouldn’t receive the attention they deserve.  With eye catching pieces like this, Razor Wire is definitely beautifying Buffalo, one building at a time.

 photo IMG_8307.jpg

Find the exact location of this piece, as well as other gorgeous murals around WNY on my Buffalo Public Art page!

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Breadhive Bakery & Cafe

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I’ve always been really into baking.  Cookies and cakes have been my thing, but what I always wanted to tackle was bread.  I attempted to make a few loaves in the past but they never quite turned out just like I had hoped.

But thanks to Breadhive, I will probably never attempt to make a loaf of bread again. Breadhive is the Ultimate Grand Supreme of the bread world, and I will gladly never go anywhere else for my bread fix.

 photo B8FCBC23-7CBF-453B-BB97-C22AF7D80D73.jpg

Breadhive is a small cafe and wholesale bread bakery based out of Buffalo.  All of their bread, bagles and pretzels are sourdough based, and they are LIFE CHANGING.  Seriously, if you are in the area (and gluten-tolerant) and you’ve never had their bread, you are completely missing out.

Sourdough is one of those things that has always completely terrified me since it is even more so scientific than regular baking.  You need to get the starter just right before you even think about baking a loaf or two.  Breadhive has everything balanced perfectly and accentuate their regular sourdough base with different seasonal flavors, fruits, and grains.

 photo 8720ECAC-26B7-4374-934F-31CFCC85AF19.jpg

 photo AABD0696-3AAB-4E95-BB7E-128FC5A55D0F.jpg

Breadhive opened up their cafe earlier this year, and last week I finally had the chance to take my mom there on a little lunch date.  I always like to take her to fun and interesting places in the city that she’s never been, and having their bread in the past, we both knew that we were in for a treat.

I loved just how cozy it was on the inside, and one of my favorite things about the place were their little gallery walls.  You can tell that they really took their time to find pieces that worked perfectly with each other.

 photo 62863EA2-C3E2-42D7-A1A6-6DBB5A5231AA.jpg

 photo CD9F4002-1C43-4022-A5D6-1429E4AEC49B.jpg

All of their breakfast and lunch sandwiches are named after pop music divas:  The Britney, The Shania, The Fiona, The Robyn, etc.  Being a gigantic girl pop nerd, I completely appreciated this tiny, yet huge, detail.

My mom got The Gwen, which was turkey, pepperjack cheese and veggies, and I got The Mariah, which was the most delicious chicken salad that I’ve ever had.  We split both sandwiches and ate every last bite…they were THAT good.

 photo 1708433C-5E1A-4B87-AF7C-87CEE4997B23.jpg

We also shared this sweet and salty apple galette, which was the perfect end to the perfect lunch.  I would put that caramel sauce on everything.

 photo E5EC2ED5-58F0-4C8C-9C56-33EC28B01F7E.jpg

Thanks Breadhive for the best mother-daughter lunch date that we’ve had in a long time.  We can’t wait to come back!

Visit their bakery cafe on Connecticut Street for lunch and while you’re there, buy a few loaves to take home and enjoy!

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Under The Sea

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I present to you another post in my Buffalo Public Art project, and boy is this a fun one.

 photo image3.jpg

This beauty comes to you from one of my good friends Chuck Tingley, who I’ve mentioned before in the past…check out my post on his recent art installation HERE!

 photo image4.jpg

So, real talk, the “For Lease” sign is pretty  much ruining my life, but please try to look past it to see the complete badassery (is that a word?) that is this mural.

 photo image1.jpg

I’m dying over the diver guys and the tentacles…so good.  And as a complete and unplanned bonus, this mural totally matches my hair!

Find the location of this guy and plenty of other stunning murals in the city on my Buffalo Public Art page.  New works being added all the time!

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Two Guys Good Buys

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How would you like to drop everything, hit the road and drive across the country buying up tons of vintage clothing and having the time of your life?

Sounds really enticing, doesn’t it.

Well, two local friends Tyler Annalora & Frank Fina did just that.  They started their Etsy shop Two Guys Good Buys in 2013 and it has grown into the trip of a lifetime.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler & Frank at their pop up at Ashker’s on Elmwood at the beginning of the month, and they are two of the nicest guys who really have  a passion for what they do.

 photo 63243BBA-0F21-46FB-965F-15C10CADCB07.jpg

 photo 3C0B0191-0B40-4954-B92A-E25A58F2A945.jpg

They did the local thing for a while, hitting up flea markets and such, but soon decided that they wanted to do more.  They purchased a van that they converted into a camper, and in 2015 they departed on the ultimate road trip, purchasing vintage clothing and accessories along their travels.

 photo F0DCE33D-E837-4434-9442-F48E93778E0B.jpg

 photo 1B613B6D-E6B4-4D06-9932-EA696EB6923F.jpg

The items that they purchase all have a purpose and have stood the test of time.  They gravitate towards brands like Patagonia, LL Bean, Ralph Lauren and Woolrich.  Items that have a great reputation and functionality.

 photo A313C991-626C-479D-B5B6-BD5C13A4055A.jpg

I loved the way that they set up their shop.  Everything was so artfully placed and really spoke to who they are as people and what their business represents.

Luckily, I was able to purchase a few items for my husband who really appreciated the care and quality of these vintage finds.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next Two Guys Good Buys pop up.

Congrats on all of the success, Frank & Tyler, and make sure to check out their shop!

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Greetings From Buffalo

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Allow me to introduce you to Buffalo’s newest mural!  Isn’t it absolutely stunning?

 photo 4F9C0B80-D916-4B6C-84E3-9669AB6D0F20.jpg

This colorful and welcoming piece was created by Casey William Milbrand and it’s EVERYTHING.  Located on the side of the Washington Market on Ellicott Street in the city, it brings the feeling of light, love and community to the once bare brick wall.

I had the chance to check this out while it was still in progress (photo below) and it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

 photo C868F42B-5166-4C61-9033-E58E8F528ED0.jpg

Casey really took the spirit of Buffalo and turned it into a masterpiece.  It embodies how far we have come as a city an as a community and how much pride and confidence we exude when we talk about living here.  I’m obsessed.

 photo D1B9F4E6-1B61-41FD-B666-F9842E25C3C7.jpg

 photo 4EE581B8-130E-4164-B7B7-45F1E5B289F5.jpg

Make sure you check out this piece as well as the other works of art listed on my Buffalo Public Art page. More pieces to be featured very soon!

The 90’s Rise Again!

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Happy Halloween!

Remember the 90’s?  If you are in my age range (early 30’s ish) then you will probably deem the 90’s as the BEST DECADE EVER.  Seriously… the fashion, music, celebrity, movies, etc.  I’m so nostalgic right now it’s not even funny.

 photo 65CB1DE8-C7E5-45F2-8308-F7C7B983EFC2.jpg

This past weekend, Rise Collaborative threw a huge 90’s bash at The Waiting Room.  Of course, being the huge 90’s fanatic that I am, I was so excited to go!  Of course the problem was, what the heck do I wear?

Of course, my friend Angela and I had to bring the “As If!” realness and dress up as Cher and Dionne from Clueless.  Nicholas and Michael were two different versions of Forrest Gump.  I was actually surprised to see that there we a few of the “running” Gumps at the party… such a great costume idea!

 photo 03990CCB-3AE3-47DC-B5C1-77E2825CE8F6.jpg

This was my first time at The Waiting Room and it was the perfect venue for this party. Even though the event sold out (yay!) I never felt like I was cramped or couldn’t move.  It was such a great crowd and everywhere you looked, everyone was dressed to kill and having an amazing time.

 photo 97707EA0-01FD-4853-901E-82E03765E3F5.jpg

 photo 6D94DCB4-C4DA-4891-8C64-674EE9626AEB.jpg

 photo FA9AB90A-1AB8-47A2-BD5C-DA2800670596.jpg

 photo 30AE4C7B-A764-4478-B37C-8C75E13EE72A.jpg

We rocked out the entire night to the amazing Kurt & The Loders.  It was my first time seeing them live and the put on a fantastic show of the best 90’s alt songs including No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Presidents of the United States of America.  So good!  Like I said, the 90’s was the BEST decade for music.

 photo 86FCEC1E-249B-410D-90C5-D02727FF51C4.jpg

 photo 0DC4EA28-8684-4776-966E-2A357BC0FA58.jpg

On the second floor of the Waiting Room, DJ Crespo Beats got the entire room shaking their asses thanks to a little bit of Nelly and a little bit of Mystikal…yep, that happened and it was GLORIOUS.

 photo C5BD0D37-E5E1-4871-A25F-5FF51E69A8CD.jpg

We had SO much fun and I really hope that Rise continues to keep the party going every year because I’ll definitely be there!

The 90’s definitely rise again!

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