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Photo by Ryan Kell

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  1. Hello Lindsay…

    We are holding a fashion show on Monday November 10th… It will follow the guidelines set down by the world class shows of Milan, Paris, London, etc. Eight designers, two being New York City and one from Toronto.., along with terrific local creators will present up to 20 pieces each… We have over 40 models participating.., and all the details can be found on the event site.

    Is it possible for you to come to the show and review it..? This is our first, but as a fashion photographer, and an organizer of other successful events.., I believe it will be quite impressive.

    Thank you…


    p.s. Our fashion website is new and will be growing substantially very soon, especially after the show.

      1. Many thanks dear… I’m very happy you can do it… I’m working hard to make it an exciting and successful event.., so I’m willing to take my chances that you agree. 🙂


      2. Well, it’s over and I hope you enjoyed it… Quite light on attendance for sure.., but I’m blaming it on being in Blasdell and on a Monday… Never again withthose two… It was nice to meet you dear.., and we’ll have you to our next ones if you would come… I’ll be anxiously watching and waiting for your review… Many thanks..

      3. Lindsay… I’m having another show next Saturday. May 21st… I’ve made another post above on it… The email is bouncing for I hope this gets to you… And I’m still taking my chances and relying that you will love it even much more than the first… Hugs…

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I am a local airbrush tanning artist that provides on location/mobile tanning. I would love for you to review my services ! Contact me if we can arrange something. Here you can see my work- or @bellaglotan on instagram 🙂

    Thank you,


  3. Looking to purchase your blue felt buffalo pillow similar to the pink one…thought I could find on Etsy but could not find it…can you help me?

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