Personal Style: Nautical Easter Dress

 photo Stripeddress.jpg

This dress is such a gem!  I wore this on Easter and it’s probably one of my greatest bargains as of late.

I went to Gap this past weekend and they had an extra 40% off clearance sale (those are my kind of sales!) and I stumbled upon this dress that I’ve been lusting after for a LONG time!  I think I ended up paying no more than $15 for this beauty.  What a steal!

 photo Stripeddresswithnudeheels.jpg

Since this was a lot of dress with the full sleeves and the busy stripes, I just paired it with some simple jewelry and my favorite pair of nude heels.  The dress was definitely the star of the show!  It’s so comfortable and the fuller skirt is super flattering and super comfortable.

 photo Stripedlongsleeveddress.jpg

And just for fun, here’s a bonus photo of me in a “Hot Rod Magazine” pose next to my brother-in-law’s truck.  I’m available for hire as a model, if you are looking for a girl in a long-sleeved dress and not a string bikini  :)

 photo Hotrodmagazinephoto.jpg



pleated poppy

I’m baaackkkkk!

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Happy Monday, y’all!  And a very HAPPY DYNGUS DAY to my fellow Buffalonians!  Don’t know what Dyngus Day is?  Please read my fabulous post from last year HERE!

I hope all of you had a great Easter yesterday.  My day was full of wonderful food and family, and the weather was actually warm, so that made me one happy girl!

So, here’s the deal.  I was on vacation all week last week, and it was completely amazing.  The photo above was just one of about FIVE alcoholic drinks that I had on my entire vaca, and I had to get photographic evidence, considering that I hardly ever drink!  That’s how you can tell that I was completely and utterly relaxed.  I did some shopping, got a pretty great tan, ate some amazing food at some amazing places, and even tried my hand at a little bit of line dancing…and I wasn’t half bad.  I didn’t have a drink that night of line dancing, but maybe if I did I would have been SO much better at it.

So long story short, I’m so lazy and haven’t prepared any fabulous posts yet…but as soon as I gather up my motivation, they will be on their way.

Maybe if I need a drink to clear my writer’s block  :)

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone!  Just wanted to share a little photo of our fancy pants Easter eggs that we decorated the other day!

As you can see, I’m home from my amazing week-long Florida vacation and will be back to my regular posting schedule.  I can’t wait to share some details of my trip with you all.  Have a fantastic day!!

Spring Break!

Hey everyone! I’m going to be MIA this week…I’m in Florida vacationing with my family! We got in on Friday night and I’ve done a LOT of much needed relaxing so far. Have a fantastic week, everyone!

Personal Style: Distressed Denim

 photo Stripeblazerandjeans.jpg

I think that I have found myself a new favorite pair of jeans.  I normally buy “cheaper” denim for under $20, but I found myself wandering into the Gap a little while ago and stumbled upon the perfect pair of straight-legged distressed denim.  This is the first time that I’ve worn these (this was my outfit that I wore to the fashion show I posted about yesterday) and as you can see they are very easy to dress up or down.  A woman at the fashion show told me that I looked very “French” and I definitely took that as a compliment!

 photo Stripeblazer.jpg

Are you into the distressed denim look, or are you one of those people who says, “You paid money for jeans with holes in them?”


Clutch:  SIMILAR

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