Let’s Go On A Mural Tour!

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All photography by Ryan Kell

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know just how obsessed I am with public art.  So much so that I have an entire page on my blog dedicated to public art in Buffalo and I list the locations & artists so you can check them out for yourself.  This is an ongoing project that I’m updating regularly so keep stopping by for more!

Last weekend, I had planned to do an Instagram story and Snapchat takeover about local murals for Step Out Buffalo, and coincidentally, two of my favorite humans in the world, Billy & Pat, had asked if I was free the same day as they were filming a video all about Buffalo public art.  With our forces combined, plus the sick photography skills of Ryan Kell, we set out on a day full of art adventure.

Peep on some of these great photos of our fun-filled day of urban exploration.  Because I love you, I’ll post the locations of these pieces on top of the photos, just in case you would like to visit and take some bomb ass selfies (make sure to tag me in any of those selfies on Instagram!)

1221 Main Street, Buffalo

 photo urbex-publicart-4.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-8.jpg

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 photo urbex-publicart-15.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-10.jpg

710 Main Street, Buffalo
 photo urbex-publicart-22.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-24.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-34.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-27.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-29.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-44.jpg

461 Ellicott Street, Buffalo
 photo urbex-publicart-51.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-53 1.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-67.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-58 1.jpg

Nacho Break at Deep South Taco!
 photo urbex-publicart-70.jpg

515 Main Street, Buffalo (side of building)
 photo BC1C08A4-9621-4D1F-8769-559660B02A14.jpg

 photo 2BA5380B-3D0D-4021-BFC4-D5D31B7993AA.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-99.jpg

515 Main Street, Buffalo (back of building)
 photo urbex-publicart-75.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-79.jpg

 photo CB055FE4-5220-4F77-9D57-2CC41434D6B0.jpg

 photo FB0898E3-7FB8-4E8B-BAE0-064473FDE765.jpg

233 Allen Street, Buffalo
 photo 8D0250C5-56AB-419E-8F7B-D82261A5F893.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-104.jpg

 photo BAD858EB-5333-4FF4-BA6F-A436B147F3E4.jpg

245 Allen Street, Buffalo (side of building)
 photo AC5F7563-C630-4D4E-A7AC-687ED4D49057.jpg

 photo 988FD088-7C28-4A6C-A696-95B58EE2A7F2.jpg

Albright Knox Art Gallery
 photo ED8E0AE4-5E26-4AF0-98A9-524968843612.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-124.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-125.jpg

72 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo
 photo urbex-publicart-127.jpg

 photo urbex-publicart-129 1.jpg

45 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo
 photo F2BFC886-3B86-4FC8-A1F9-F194E2497209.jpg

 photo E9759F13-8528-4D29-8531-11CB396469D1.jpg

 photo E1D39537-B1F5-4D20-8FFA-F14BD030D3B0.jpg

I had SO much fun with these guys.  Make sure to check out Billy & Pat’s video below to follow along with our adventure!!

Breadhive Bakery & Cafe

 photo C22879F8-E575-4F0E-9FA3-95BAC974278C.jpg

I’ve always been really into baking.  Cookies and cakes have been my thing, but what I always wanted to tackle was bread.  I attempted to make a few loaves in the past but they never quite turned out just like I had hoped.

But thanks to Breadhive, I will probably never attempt to make a loaf of bread again. Breadhive is the Ultimate Grand Supreme of the bread world, and I will gladly never go anywhere else for my bread fix.

 photo B8FCBC23-7CBF-453B-BB97-C22AF7D80D73.jpg

Breadhive is a small cafe and wholesale bread bakery based out of Buffalo.  All of their bread, bagles and pretzels are sourdough based, and they are LIFE CHANGING.  Seriously, if you are in the area (and gluten-tolerant) and you’ve never had their bread, you are completely missing out.

Sourdough is one of those things that has always completely terrified me since it is even more so scientific than regular baking.  You need to get the starter just right before you even think about baking a loaf or two.  Breadhive has everything balanced perfectly and accentuate their regular sourdough base with different seasonal flavors, fruits, and grains.

 photo 8720ECAC-26B7-4374-934F-31CFCC85AF19.jpg

 photo AABD0696-3AAB-4E95-BB7E-128FC5A55D0F.jpg

Breadhive opened up their cafe earlier this year, and last week I finally had the chance to take my mom there on a little lunch date.  I always like to take her to fun and interesting places in the city that she’s never been, and having their bread in the past, we both knew that we were in for a treat.

I loved just how cozy it was on the inside, and one of my favorite things about the place were their little gallery walls.  You can tell that they really took their time to find pieces that worked perfectly with each other.

 photo 62863EA2-C3E2-42D7-A1A6-6DBB5A5231AA.jpg

 photo CD9F4002-1C43-4022-A5D6-1429E4AEC49B.jpg

All of their breakfast and lunch sandwiches are named after pop music divas:  The Britney, The Shania, The Fiona, The Robyn, etc.  Being a gigantic girl pop nerd, I completely appreciated this tiny, yet huge, detail.

My mom got The Gwen, which was turkey, pepperjack cheese and veggies, and I got The Mariah, which was the most delicious chicken salad that I’ve ever had.  We split both sandwiches and ate every last bite…they were THAT good.

 photo 1708433C-5E1A-4B87-AF7C-87CEE4997B23.jpg

We also shared this sweet and salty apple galette, which was the perfect end to the perfect lunch.  I would put that caramel sauce on everything.

 photo E5EC2ED5-58F0-4C8C-9C56-33EC28B01F7E.jpg

Thanks Breadhive for the best mother-daughter lunch date that we’ve had in a long time.  We can’t wait to come back!

Visit their bakery cafe on Connecticut Street for lunch and while you’re there, buy a few loaves to take home and enjoy!

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Under The Sea

 photo image2-2.jpg

I present to you another post in my Buffalo Public Art project, and boy is this a fun one.

 photo image3.jpg

This beauty comes to you from one of my good friends Chuck Tingley, who I’ve mentioned before in the past…check out my post on his recent art installation HERE!

 photo image4.jpg

So, real talk, the “For Lease” sign is pretty  much ruining my life, but please try to look past it to see the complete badassery (is that a word?) that is this mural.

 photo image1.jpg

I’m dying over the diver guys and the tentacles…so good.  And as a complete and unplanned bonus, this mural totally matches my hair!

Find the location of this guy and plenty of other stunning murals in the city on my Buffalo Public Art page.  New works being added all the time!

 photo image2.jpg

 photo image3-2_1.jpg

Personal Style: Weekend Casual

 photo DSC_0269.jpg

Since my job is in retail marketing, generally during the work week I like to dress up…like really dress up.  Like 90% of the time I look like a walking Kate Spade bag.  In a complete turn of events, on the weekends I like to dress like an angsty teenage boy- some form of black skinny jeans, a graphic tee, and a jacket.  Probably all black and with some form of camo thrown in.

That’s the look that we have here.  My trusty LOFT jeans, Rise Collaborative tee, Express camo jacket, and black booties.

But this post isn’t as much about my emo outfit as it is about this stunning mural.

 photo 169BA3AF-15B1-4332-A6A5-66BA78233B06.jpg

 photo DSC_0262.jpg

 photo DSC_0263.jpg

This mural was a partnership between the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery located on Main Street in Buffalo. Students in the art program collaborated with well-known Brooklyn muralist Alice Mizrachi to create this colorful masterpiece that reflects Buffalo’s ongoing revival and nods to the Harlem Renaissance of the early 20th century. (source)

 photo DSC_0264.jpg

Check out this mural as well as other pieces of public art on my Buffalo Public Art page, where I roam around the city, take photos of beautiful art pieces, and post their locations so you can check them out for yourself!

Step Out Buffalo’s Insta Exhibition

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If you live in Buffalo, there’s a huge chance that you are familiar with Step Out Buffalo.  They are the go-to source for everything that’s happening in this wonderful city of ours.  For a while now, they have encouraged the people of Buffalo to use the hashtag #hashtagstepoutbuffalo on their Instagram photos of the city, and they feature a few of their favorites on their website each week.

 photo 9E8CBC85-FB3A-4A02-B2F3-CFDE70EB40ED.jpg

In a stroke of genius, Step Out Buffalo decided to hold an Insta Exhibition- out of the thousands of photos tagged with their special hashtag, they chose 500 to print out and showcase in an art exhibition.  So cool, right?

 photo FC5B9524-7173-42F1-B023-446161AC41EC.jpg

The exhibition was held at High Temp Fabrication in the Cobblestone District of the city.  It’s a pretty awesome venue in the fact that it’s a gigantic building that’s an actual fabrication business, but they also have an event space that they rent out on the third floor.  I’ve been to another art show here in the past, and it’s pretty awesome being in such an industrial setting surrounded by beautiful artwork and photos.

 photo 9FFACB8A-C621-44F8-AC00-3E644B6E4FC4.jpg

To my surprise, three of my photos were featured!  Three out of 500 may not sound like a lot, but I wasn’t expecting to have any, so I was thrilled!!  Of course I had to take photos of my photos like a complete nerd.

 photo 29C4D48A-5DE3-429B-886D-A2C580E8956E.jpg

 photo C8A6EFD9-D57B-414F-8630-171E8B117772.jpg

 photo CC926EC4-E72C-46FA-AF4D-D0B3B04556EB.jpg

 photo 5198F60D-5406-4DA3-9D84-00B18303C169.jpg

My friend Ashley, aka Morning Glory Blog, was also there, and we were so happy to see that two of our photos were placed next to each other!  So, like I said before, nerd alert…

 photo 45B03735-1D88-4C76-B905-616D031678D8.jpg

Thanks so much for putting on an awesome event, Step Out Buffalo! And an even bigger thanks for featuring three of my photos…I feel like a rockstar!

 photo AF668E62-E079-4E7B-9979-8AE2E2F3E3F5.jpg

Art Alley

 photo 977F0CCD-DBE9-40A3-803A-A1692AF1D23E.jpg

Something exciting is happening in Niagara Falls, and it’s centered around the art community.

 photo 45CD1048-F430-4E09-B340-2C94682A155C.jpg

Several different artists have been gathered together to create a public art project known as Art Alley. Art Alley is located in an alleyway off of Third Street in Niagara Falls.

 photo 0F27DB55-5935-48F1-BAF7-2D936FB42988.jpg

As a lover of public artwork, I had to visit the site and look at the progress.  And when I say “visit the site,” I actually mean that I maybe possibly squeezed through a fence just so I could snap some photos.  It looks absolutely amazing so far!

 photo 91259123-59D3-451B-B883-65796BC7983B.jpg

 photo D256FB3F-3D17-4BEE-88F5-796582833C8F.jpg

When the space is finished, it is planned to be a hub for different events and activities. I couldn’t think of a better use for a space than this.

 photo B1F81833-2422-42A9-A3B6-AA58A1378EF9.jpg

 photo 1E6C487A-5CAF-4B7B-9EB5-1E60A67F5250.jpg

Some of the artists include Fritz Proctor, Kyle Baillargeon, Tricia Butski, AJ Fries, Brandon Celi, Tom Holt, Chuck Tingley, Tara Marie Mitravitch; Madonna Pannell, Jesse Mank and Rick Nickel. (source)

 photo EBC6A57C-1804-46E7-958B-D980BFADC035.jpg

If you are in the area, I highly recommend driving by and checking it out!  But I don’t  highly recommend squeezing through the fence…that might be a bit frowned upon.

Exploring Wilkeson Pointe

 photo 62EA70B4-561B-46D7-876B-75EFEA051A49.jpg

This past weekend, I did a little bit of exploring at Wilkeson Pointe on the Outer Harbor. If you’re from Buffalo, you’ve probably already been there because, hello, it’s so beautiful. For some odd reason, I never made it a point to visit until now, and I’m so happy that I did!

 photo 17B6B3D6-2B7F-4BD0-A070-862DA86F63B7.jpg

 photo 0C57F958-A3EC-43EE-9E43-70CD8447F10D.jpg

The gardens are so beautiful and they have this cute little bridge.

 photo 1D7702D7-1DC8-4F8E-BD04-80D91AC79167.jpg

My favorite things in Wilkenson Pointe are the giant spoon-like metal sculptures that move so gracefully with the wind.

 photo EA43B9DC-A1AF-4101-9BEE-F0DBE868F36F.jpg

It was such a peaceful area and I definitely can’t wait to go back….especially to see views like this.

 photo 4DC61FE9-0100-4C97-BF3D-C148680FD6C8.jpg

 photo B0DF5BCC-AAAA-4E0C-851A-55D2A442DAC5.jpg