Locations: The Event

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People.  This is exciting.

A few weeks ago, I attended a pop-up creative party that was held at a local super artistic Airbnb in the city.  Local photographers and models were hanging out, listening to music provided by an awesome DJ and taking some killer photos.  The collaborations and connections that happened during this event were insane, and the vibe throughout the entire place was electric.

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This party sparked the creation of Locations.co, the brainchild of local photographers Brandon Lua, Ryan Kell, and Alexis Bandera.  According to their Facebook page, Locations is a new and exciting collaborative experience coming to Buffalo where models, photographers, stylists, and creatives of every industry are invited to mix, share, and bare witness to live photo shoots in unique settings.  Nothing like this has been done in Buffalo before, so this has been getting a LOT of attention.

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Their first event is being held at MES Lounge on April 9th.  Tickets can be purchased on their Eventbrite page and early bird pricing is on now through April 1st.  If you are planning on attending, definitely take advantage of that!

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I’m honored to be involved in such a groundbreaking event.  Follow the Locations Instagram account for updates.  We hope to see you there!

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Buffalo Black Book Magic Release Party

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It’s no shock to any of you that I go to a lot of events…and by a lot I mean a metric shit ton. You’ve seen me post about everything from art festivals to fashion shows to store openings.  I always say that if there is an event, any kind of event at all, GO TO IT!  It doesn’t matter if it might not seem of interest to you in that moment. Just go.  You never know who you will meet!  I’ve met some of the best people and really networked my ass off this way.

If there is one event in the city that you should definitely attend, it’s absolutely the upcoming Buffalo Black Book release party!  You might remember that I posted about the last party in September, and it was one of the most fun events that I’ve been to.  It also was the very first time that I connected with Elizabeth, the creator of the BBB.  Just a reminder that you can read her Nickel City Gritty interview HERE!

This party is celebrating the recent launch of their second issue Magic (still available to purchase on their website).  This issue is brilliant, and full of some of my favorite people!  If you are in Buffalo, near Buffalo, or just feel like coming to Buffalo for the weekend, join me at Hydraulic Hearth this Saturday to celebrate Elizabeth and Buffalo Black Book.  It’s going to be an awesome party!

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Personal Style: Bodysuit Love

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I think the last time I wore a bodysuit I was about 5 years old in dance class.  I’m pretty sure it was an obnoxious bright red and covered in sequins.

 photo IMG_9104.jpg

Now days, bodysuits are much more fashionable than the spandex nightmares of my childhood.  I was a little bit nervous with the deep V on this bad boy, but a little bit of fashion tape and it stayed in place all night.  I think this has marked the start of my love of the modern bodysuit.  This one is from Express.

 photo IMG_9110.jpg

Curious about this awesome brick walled hallway?  A few of my friends threw a studio party at their art studio downtown this past weekend.  I luckily remembered to snap a few photos that night…their new space looks amazing!

 photo IMG_9100.jpg

 photo IMG_9101.jpg

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The 90’s Rise Again!

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Happy Halloween!

Remember the 90’s?  If you are in my age range (early 30’s ish) then you will probably deem the 90’s as the BEST DECADE EVER.  Seriously… the fashion, music, celebrity, movies, etc.  I’m so nostalgic right now it’s not even funny.

 photo 65CB1DE8-C7E5-45F2-8308-F7C7B983EFC2.jpg

This past weekend, Rise Collaborative threw a huge 90’s bash at The Waiting Room.  Of course, being the huge 90’s fanatic that I am, I was so excited to go!  Of course the problem was, what the heck do I wear?

Of course, my friend Angela and I had to bring the “As If!” realness and dress up as Cher and Dionne from Clueless.  Nicholas and Michael were two different versions of Forrest Gump.  I was actually surprised to see that there we a few of the “running” Gumps at the party… such a great costume idea!

 photo 03990CCB-3AE3-47DC-B5C1-77E2825CE8F6.jpg

This was my first time at The Waiting Room and it was the perfect venue for this party. Even though the event sold out (yay!) I never felt like I was cramped or couldn’t move.  It was such a great crowd and everywhere you looked, everyone was dressed to kill and having an amazing time.

 photo 97707EA0-01FD-4853-901E-82E03765E3F5.jpg

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We rocked out the entire night to the amazing Kurt & The Loders.  It was my first time seeing them live and the put on a fantastic show of the best 90’s alt songs including No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Presidents of the United States of America.  So good!  Like I said, the 90’s was the BEST decade for music.

 photo 86FCEC1E-249B-410D-90C5-D02727FF51C4.jpg

 photo 0DC4EA28-8684-4776-966E-2A357BC0FA58.jpg

On the second floor of the Waiting Room, DJ Crespo Beats got the entire room shaking their asses thanks to a little bit of Nelly and a little bit of Mystikal…yep, that happened and it was GLORIOUS.

 photo C5BD0D37-E5E1-4871-A25F-5FF51E69A8CD.jpg

We had SO much fun and I really hope that Rise continues to keep the party going every year because I’ll definitely be there!

The 90’s definitely rise again!

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Daily Diversions by Chuck Tingley

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It’s no secret that I love art.  Having lots of artistic friends, I get super jealous when I see someone create beautiful pieces when I’m having a hard time trying to draw a stick figure (I can never get the legs to come out the same length!)

One of these artistic friends is the insanely talented Chuck Tingley.  I’ve known Chuck for about, I’d say, a hundred thousand years.  I used to work retail with him back in 2002…now I feel old.

Fast forward a few years, and he’s absolutely made a name for himself in the Buffalo art scene.  He’s been published in Artvoice, The Public, and Spark Magazine, had solo exhibitions at the Olean Public Library, El Museo Gallery and High-Temp Fabrication.  He’s also been included in group exhibitions at the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Erie Art Museum.  He has executed numerous public murals in Western New York, including that beautiful mural at Artpark (yeah, THAT one) and most recently Art Alley in Niagara Falls (read my post about Art Alley HERE!)  This year he was also honored by Arts Services Initiative of Western New York as a Finalist for the “Artist of the Year” Spark Cultural Award.  Wait…I’ve never been nominated for “anything of the year.”  I think I received an award for “Student of the Month” in middle school once.  Not really the same, though.

Chuck doesn’t only work on the large-scale mural spectrum.  He loves to create smaller “notebook sketches.”  According to the artist, “These sketches started as a diversion from my everyday painting routine and soon because the catalyst for an open and fluid exchange of thoughts and ideas, while creating some permanence to what would otherwise be forgotten.  Working on a smaller scale than my other paintings and murals also allowed me to execute the drawings with a sense of immediacy and intimacy as I delved into the visual world of my own personal nostalgia.”

Chuck’s notebook sketches will be on display starting Friday, October 7th at Studio Hart on Allen Street in Buffalo.  The opening reception runs from 6-9pm.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of his pieces in person, you definitely won’t want to miss this.  The exhibit runs through October 29th.

 photo TINGLEY-CHUCK-Daily_Diversions-01.26.2015_ups_and_downs.jpg

The Buffalo Black Book Event

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A few weeks ago I had written a post about Buffalo Black Book and their official launch party at Hydraulic Hearth.  I was able to attend with a few of my fellow Buffalo bloggers, and we had so much fun!

 photo 891EE3C1-1FBF-47EF-AD4F-B96911FC8FB3.jpg

Unfortunately, the weather was completely horrific (awesome rainstorms), but luckily enough the event was held indoors at one of my favorite restaurants, Hydraulic Hearth.  If you haven’t been there yet, you need to ASAP.  Their pizzas are incredible.  They also make amazing mocktails  🙂

 photo 6AFA89E8-33DA-4CAE-9768-D6441C2DE1BE.jpg

The two other ladies that attended the event with me were Ashley of Morning Glory and NK of NKM Styling.  Make sure to check out their blogs!

Here’s what I wore- a beautiful dress from L’Atiste with the most comfortable heels from Naturalizer…I’m so shocked how these brands known for their comfort are coming out with surprisingly adorable shoes.

 photo D9A9336E-F3F3-4559-83E7-9F19C8810013.jpg

 photo B2962F83-FEFA-4837-A87F-EE036DE2B50B.jpg

I was so happy that we got to meet Buffalo Black Book’s creator, Elizabeth.  She was so sweet and gracious and full of energy.  She’s created such an incredible magazine and I was so happy to be there to celebrate the launch of something so ground breaking.

 photo E0EF645F-362A-4F05-8C11-64B828058F02.jpg

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I highly recommend that you do so.  You can still order it from their website HERE, or you can also find them in a few different boutiques across Buffalo.

Congratulations again, Elizabeth, on this amazing project.  I absolutely love the magazine and can’t wait until the next issue!

Step Out Buffalo’s Insta Exhibition

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If you live in Buffalo, there’s a huge chance that you are familiar with Step Out Buffalo.  They are the go-to source for everything that’s happening in this wonderful city of ours.  For a while now, they have encouraged the people of Buffalo to use the hashtag #hashtagstepoutbuffalo on their Instagram photos of the city, and they feature a few of their favorites on their website each week.

 photo 9E8CBC85-FB3A-4A02-B2F3-CFDE70EB40ED.jpg

In a stroke of genius, Step Out Buffalo decided to hold an Insta Exhibition- out of the thousands of photos tagged with their special hashtag, they chose 500 to print out and showcase in an art exhibition.  So cool, right?

 photo FC5B9524-7173-42F1-B023-446161AC41EC.jpg

The exhibition was held at High Temp Fabrication in the Cobblestone District of the city.  It’s a pretty awesome venue in the fact that it’s a gigantic building that’s an actual fabrication business, but they also have an event space that they rent out on the third floor.  I’ve been to another art show here in the past, and it’s pretty awesome being in such an industrial setting surrounded by beautiful artwork and photos.

 photo 9FFACB8A-C621-44F8-AC00-3E644B6E4FC4.jpg

To my surprise, three of my photos were featured!  Three out of 500 may not sound like a lot, but I wasn’t expecting to have any, so I was thrilled!!  Of course I had to take photos of my photos like a complete nerd.

 photo 29C4D48A-5DE3-429B-886D-A2C580E8956E.jpg

 photo C8A6EFD9-D57B-414F-8630-171E8B117772.jpg

 photo CC926EC4-E72C-46FA-AF4D-D0B3B04556EB.jpg

 photo 5198F60D-5406-4DA3-9D84-00B18303C169.jpg

My friend Ashley, aka Morning Glory Blog, was also there, and we were so happy to see that two of our photos were placed next to each other!  So, like I said before, nerd alert…

 photo 45B03735-1D88-4C76-B905-616D031678D8.jpg

Thanks so much for putting on an awesome event, Step Out Buffalo! And an even bigger thanks for featuring three of my photos…I feel like a rockstar!

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