Buffalo State Runway 10

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This is the BIG YEAR for Buffalo State’s Runway Fashion Show!  Ten years is a huge milestone, and they are pulling out all of the stops for this one.

This year’s show is going to be held in the Sports Arena, a gigantic leap from their “smaller” shows of the past, and I’m so excited to see the designs this year.  Each year, the students have to design around a specific theme.  This year’s theme is Remember/Imagine.  This theme empowers the fashion students, both current and past, to remember where they’ve been and imagine what the future of fashion holds.  If you are curious about last year’s show, you can check out my post about Runway 9 HERE.

This year the Buffalo Blogging Network is the official sponsor of the Press Pit, and I am so thrilled to be working with the Runway 10 team!  We will have a bunch of bloggers from our network in the audience covering the show, so make sure to check out social media for a peek at the amazing designs!

Tickets are still available on their website, so make sure to get yours today and join us for a night of fun and fashion!

Locations: The Event

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People.  This is exciting.

A few weeks ago, I attended a pop-up creative party that was held at a local super artistic Airbnb in the city.  Local photographers and models were hanging out, listening to music provided by an awesome DJ and taking some killer photos.  The collaborations and connections that happened during this event were insane, and the vibe throughout the entire place was electric.

 photo photo-gradientmap-01.jpg

This party sparked the creation of Locations.co, the brainchild of local photographers Brandon Lua, Ryan Kell, and Alexis Bandera.  According to their Facebook page, Locations is a new and exciting collaborative experience coming to Buffalo where models, photographers, stylists, and creatives of every industry are invited to mix, share, and bare witness to live photo shoots in unique settings.  Nothing like this has been done in Buffalo before, so this has been getting a LOT of attention.

 photo photo-gradientmap-013.jpg

Their first event is being held at MES Lounge on April 9th.  Tickets can be purchased on their Eventbrite page and early bird pricing is on now through April 1st.  If you are planning on attending, definitely take advantage of that!

 photo photo-gradientmap-02.jpg

I’m honored to be involved in such a groundbreaking event.  Follow the Locations Instagram account for updates.  We hope to see you there!

 photo locations-promo-GAticketsonsale.jpg

Buffalo Skyride

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I’ve never been a big “athletic” person. Sure, I go to the gym, take workout classes, lift the occasional weight, but take notice that these are all solo things that I can do from the comfort of the indoors. Organized sports and fast-paced things were never my forte, for fear that I could hurt myself and die. Completely rational, right?

We have a local organization called Go Bike Buffalo, whose mission is to educate people about bicycle safety and make Buffalo a more bike-friendly city. They’ve done amazing things over the past few years, and organizing the Buffalo Skyride is just one of them.

 photo 4ACE7F3D-6821-495B-95CA-B05837962845.jpg

This is the third year that Go Bike Buffalo has put on the Skyride, and it was the first year that I’ve participated. I never felt like I was in good enough shape to ride up the Skyway, but since I’ve been taking weekly spin classes for a few months, I figured what the heck. So I registered.

 photo 5CC42F01-4AC3-4DBA-BB03-BD2D0C227578.jpg

Nicholas is an avid cyclist (he’s actually going to be biking 500+ miles from NYC to Niagara Falls in August!) so he helped me out with my gear and my bike. There were two options that you could do- a 10 mile and 25 mile. I opted to go with the 10 mile because I really wasn’t that comfortable yet riding long mileage through city streets. Spin class is one thing but when you combine cars with other cyclists and unpredictable weather, I needed to build up my confidence.

 photo A57A11B1-7D2C-4103-848A-287FCDA20BFC.jpg

We took off from Riverworks Park (with a great view of the giant Labatt Blue six-pack) and…long story short…I did it!

I didn’t die and I didn’t crash and I didn’t fall off the Skyway. I would say that was a successful ride! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Here are a few photos that Nicholas took with his Go Pro.

 photo 5DBDDA06-18C8-41A9-B79D-F319DCC0D868.jpg

 photo 8B5ECCE6-4BA0-4C00-9965-569F58182791.jpg

 photo 153CC690-A3EF-4EB9-9334-1249C7326D09.jpg

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Personal Style: Something Special

 photo Black skirt and white top.jpg

I love finding pieces that have a little bit of sass to them. You know, that little something extra that makes it super special.

 photo Black and white look.jpg

I spotted this top at Banana Republic and instantly fell in love with it. From the delicate fabric to the gold button detail and the flirty sleeves, this top is going to get a lot of rotation in my wardrobe this summer!

 photo Black skirt with white lace top.jpg



Cinco de Mayo With Templeton Landing

Now that I think about it, I never actually remember ever going out for Cinco de Mayo.  Sure, I love me some tacos, but going out on that day had never really crossed my mind, until this year!

 photo 47C92108-4943-4D78-ABCD-587EBABBA5DB.jpg

I was contacted again by KC You There and the lovely folks at Templeton Landing to attend their Cinco de Mayo party last night, and we had so much fun!

Okay, so first of all, they definitely weren’t lying when they said that they had “Buffalo’s Largest Coronita.”  See?

 photo 9C89012A-39C5-4A73-97D6-89168C09136C.jpg

Yeah, it was massive.  I enjoyed mine without the Corona…so that would just make mine a standard margarita, and it was GOOD.

 photo 72329DF5-5288-45D5-B5DF-56CE3C1E6A7E.jpg

And what would a Cinco de Mayo party be without the tacos, chips and salsa?  Definitely much needed after finishing half of a gigantic margarita!

 photo A2BFE71A-9BD1-4622-A01D-0D1BAD2D1B39.jpg

While we were eating, we got to enjoy the sounds of the band Son Boricua, which added a great element to the evening.  They were fantastic!

Also, major props on the name tags…it made me feel so fancy!

 photo E6C7241A-62DA-45FE-BD87-C924A9E31CD1.jpg

 photo 7E2388D3-E2CF-4EF2-A88C-0A51C17EBF97.jpg

Thankfully the weather was gorgeous outside, so we were able to enjoy our drinks on their patio and take in one of the best dining views in the city.

 photo 83CF7CBA-7331-47E0-B1BA-6BABCEAE49D1.jpg

If you haven’t been to Templeton Landing yet, make this one of your first stops this summer. It’s definitely one of the #bestspotsinbuff!

PINROSE Fragrance

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This post has been sponsored by PINROSE. All opinions are my own.

I’ve never really been a fragrance girl.  The process of finding a perfume that I liked seemed so exhausting to me: going to the store, smelling a hundred formulas, finding something that I hopefully liked, only to get home and hate it the next day.

Lucky for me, I’ve found a fragrance that I LOVE, and I didn’t even have to leave my house!

 photo F0579A98-6AA8-4C22-AA45-915F88DE2A26.jpg

I was recently contacted by PINROSE to sample out one of their new fragrances, and I am obsessed! They sent me Wild Child, and it’s already been my go-to scent now that the weather is finally warming up.  I am drawn to more floral scents, and Wild Child has the perfect mix of Freesia, Gardenia, Jasmine as well as hints of Vanilla.  It’s fun and flirty and the staying power lasts all day, which is very important to me!

 photo 7E2D8E9B-68CB-48B2-B416-790264FB67F1.jpg

You can find more of their scents at Sephora.  I love this one so much that I can’t wait to try out the rest of them!

Thank you, PINROSE!

Personal Style: Sassy Easter Sunday

 photo DSC_0953.jpg

It’s been a few years since I went out and bought a brand new “Easter outfit.” The weather is usually so unpredictable in Buffalo around Easter, that I normally just end up wearing something that I already have since we never know if it will be a blizzard or 90 degrees.

 photo DSC_0942.jpg

Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend for Easter. I had my eye on this gorgeous dress at Banana Republic for a while now, so I decided to scoop it up to wear specifically for Easter!

 photo DSC_0994.jpg

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite dresses in my closet at the moment.  It’s normally not something that I would go for since, mainly, it’s not a black and white geometric pattern. As you know I’m not really a floral print type of girl, but this whole thing just somehow works with my style.  I also love that it could be dressed up with heels and some great jewelry, or dressed down like I did here with the booties and open-front jacket and some kickass sunglasses.

 photo DSC_0955.jpg


Sunglasses: SIMILAR