Locations: The Event

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People.  This is exciting.

A few weeks ago, I attended a pop-up creative party that was held at a local super artistic Airbnb in the city.  Local photographers and models were hanging out, listening to music provided by an awesome DJ and taking some killer photos.  The collaborations and connections that happened during this event were insane, and the vibe throughout the entire place was electric.

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This party sparked the creation of Locations.co, the brainchild of local photographers Brandon Lua, Ryan Kell, and Alexis Bandera.  According to their Facebook page, Locations is a new and exciting collaborative experience coming to Buffalo where models, photographers, stylists, and creatives of every industry are invited to mix, share, and bare witness to live photo shoots in unique settings.  Nothing like this has been done in Buffalo before, so this has been getting a LOT of attention.

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Their first event is being held at MES Lounge on April 9th.  Tickets can be purchased on their Eventbrite page and early bird pricing is on now through April 1st.  If you are planning on attending, definitely take advantage of that!

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I’m honored to be involved in such a groundbreaking event.  Follow the Locations Instagram account for updates.  We hope to see you there!

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The 90’s Rise Again!

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Happy Halloween!

Remember the 90’s?  If you are in my age range (early 30’s ish) then you will probably deem the 90’s as the BEST DECADE EVER.  Seriously… the fashion, music, celebrity, movies, etc.  I’m so nostalgic right now it’s not even funny.

 photo 65CB1DE8-C7E5-45F2-8308-F7C7B983EFC2.jpg

This past weekend, Rise Collaborative threw a huge 90’s bash at The Waiting Room.  Of course, being the huge 90’s fanatic that I am, I was so excited to go!  Of course the problem was, what the heck do I wear?

Of course, my friend Angela and I had to bring the “As If!” realness and dress up as Cher and Dionne from Clueless.  Nicholas and Michael were two different versions of Forrest Gump.  I was actually surprised to see that there we a few of the “running” Gumps at the party… such a great costume idea!

 photo 03990CCB-3AE3-47DC-B5C1-77E2825CE8F6.jpg

This was my first time at The Waiting Room and it was the perfect venue for this party. Even though the event sold out (yay!) I never felt like I was cramped or couldn’t move.  It was such a great crowd and everywhere you looked, everyone was dressed to kill and having an amazing time.

 photo 97707EA0-01FD-4853-901E-82E03765E3F5.jpg

 photo 6D94DCB4-C4DA-4891-8C64-674EE9626AEB.jpg

 photo FA9AB90A-1AB8-47A2-BD5C-DA2800670596.jpg

 photo 30AE4C7B-A764-4478-B37C-8C75E13EE72A.jpg

We rocked out the entire night to the amazing Kurt & The Loders.  It was my first time seeing them live and the put on a fantastic show of the best 90’s alt songs including No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Presidents of the United States of America.  So good!  Like I said, the 90’s was the BEST decade for music.

 photo 86FCEC1E-249B-410D-90C5-D02727FF51C4.jpg

 photo 0DC4EA28-8684-4776-966E-2A357BC0FA58.jpg

On the second floor of the Waiting Room, DJ Crespo Beats got the entire room shaking their asses thanks to a little bit of Nelly and a little bit of Mystikal…yep, that happened and it was GLORIOUS.

 photo C5BD0D37-E5E1-4871-A25F-5FF51E69A8CD.jpg

We had SO much fun and I really hope that Rise continues to keep the party going every year because I’ll definitely be there!

The 90’s definitely rise again!

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Upcoming Art Festivals

I’ve always been an artistic person…not so much in the painting or sculpting sense, but in theatre, music, and most currently, makeup artistry.  Since I’ve always been interested in the art scene, I’ve loved going to art shows for as long as I can remember.  Fortunately, Buffalo is a huge hub for all-things artistic.  We have three great art festivals coming up this month, and here’s all of the information that you need to know!

 photo 12928379_916827438414775_5671435014650902022_n.png

Jack Craft Fair:  Saturday, August 13th – Buffalo Central Terminal

The Jack Craft Fair is probably one of my favorite art festivals in Buffalo. The first time that I went was last year, and I purchased a ton of stuff. I love that this is more of a indie-craft fair with more eclectic artists.  Probably one of my favorite purchases was my gold T-Rex air planter from Prismatic Gardens.  I hope to add another one to my collection this year!

Here are some of my personal favorite vendors to look out for:  The Stitch Bitch, Trebird, Rusterior Designs, Prismatic Gardens, Pickled Punks, Kitch Studios,  Buffalo Cake Pops, West Side Stitchery

 photo 2016 LAF evite final.jpg

Lewiston Art Festival:  Saturday & Sunday, August 13th-14th – Center Street in Lewiston

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the Lewiston Art Festival, but I remember it being fantastic.  Lewiston is a gorgeous place on it’s own, but add in over 200 artists and it’s a beautiful combination.  Definitely one not to miss!  You can find the festival map HERE.

 photo 12819466_10153464036250886_4863548360500177060_o.jpg

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts:  Saturday & Sunday, August 28th-29th – Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo

The Elmwood Art Fest is another favorite of mine…I never miss it!  I love the fact that not only can you shop the wonderful vendors lining the streets, but you can also listen to some amazing music on the different stages throughout the festival.  Beautiful weather, great art, fantastic music…what more could you ask for?

My favorite vendors to look out for:  Chuck Tingley, Vegetabowls, Ginametrical, Inkwell Studios, Alpine Made, Planet Love

The Lady Gaga ArtRave Tour!

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a HUGE Lady Gaga fan.  I love her music, her theatricality, her style, and everything that she stands for.  I think she’s a brilliant musician who’s voice sometimes get overlooked due to her insane outfits.  But that’s what I love about her…the insane outfits.

I saw Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour twice, once in Detroit and once in Buffalo, and it was probably one of my favorite concerts that I’ve ever been to.  Fantastic and flawless!  Of course, we had to dress up.

Here’s what my friend Brook and I wore for the Detroit show…pretty tame on my part, but she went all out with the construction theme!

 photo 59010_599773048275_3524329_n.jpg

 photo 46763_599773163045_2206234_n.jpg

For the show in Buffalo, we had floor tickets.  Since we were going to be in the middle of the party, I figured I had to step up my game a little bit.   And so was born…the disco ball bra.

I made this bra myself, by taking a regular old bra and buying one of those mini disco balls from Party City.  I ripped the little mirrors off of the ball and glued them onto the bra!  Believe it or not, I’ve worn that bra about 5 or so times since that concert and no mirrors have fallen off yet!

 photo 197355_630076924065_4828396_n.jpg

 photo 188628_630077188535_3796009_n.jpg

And we got REALLY close to her!

 photo 196007_630081150595_3712723_n.jpg\

 photo 196794_630081250395_5719566_n.jpg

So now the ArtRave tour came into town, and we had floor tickets again, so I knew I had to try to top the disco ball bra!  And so…the crystal seashell bra was born. I bought a foam seashell bikini top online, hot glued it to a bra, and then, for a MONTH, individually glued crystals to that damn thing. It took forever, but the end result was perfect.

 photo 8B96CBD4-1C5B-4606-9B08-8EC1F127CAFA.jpg

 photo 5DE1A067-7B72-4964-95CD-6510BF6EB66A.jpg

And this happened…

 photo 13A8306F-2210-4C04-B09F-4DE1FD11571E.jpg

And we got REALLY close to her again!

 photo DE4C761A-EBE7-4EE1-9B81-840AA306F40B.jpg

 photo DA9D2A3D-5706-44F4-9D53-3D9A23834237.jpg

 photo 8CCAE27A-C347-4BFB-8FFF-DFC960CCFBCF.jpg

 photo BB86B3CB-59E0-4881-8067-E40B402001D8.jpg

 photo 5FCBE22B-54FA-4C5C-AA4C-71A6445BCE59.jpg

If Gaga tours again, who knows what costume I’ll have to come up with next! Maybe I’ll actually have to attempt the meat dress…I’d rather not.

Backstreets Back…ALRIGHT!

Last night was the Backstreet Boys concert at Darien Lake.

How was it, you ask?

Well, this morning I can hardly walk because my legs hurt too much from dancing, my throat is sore from screaming, I’m covered in bruises, and I’m completely exhausted.


Remember the shirts that I posted about a few weeks ago that we made?  Now you can see them being put into action.

Here’s the before shot of our BSB caravan before all of the insanity:

 photo 64A9AF7E-7059-49AB-856B-D56CB8F51251.jpg

Aaaaannnnddd, here’s what went down. I’ll let the pictures explain themselves.

 photo 80B753D2-2063-40DF-9B53-4C97A9CFEA9F.jpg

 photo E00F2D68-E6EC-4500-BB78-BBD92DE4263F.jpg

 photo 38E36DEC-925D-4506-9E97-D76A47B7BD31.jpg

 photo 80FF1CB6-9177-45FB-9481-2CAE4FD4982B.jpg

 photo 5BB5CA89-77CF-4AFA-904D-BBC7BEFF0188.jpg

 photo E143B6FF-11AF-47F3-8544-F08DC2889DC7.jpg

 photo 7A878707-358B-49A0-914B-986C77EEB56E.jpg

 photo 4898C017-2AB1-4FC3-B638-884206F9065B.jpg

 photo 5C309BB0-64BB-4D10-87DB-513183BFB444.jpg

 photo 712BC740-2FFE-42EF-8B9A-6861BA2D71A7.jpg

If you are a BSB fan, I highly suggest going to this concert if you get the chance to. They are still as great as I remember them being the million times that I’ve seen them before. They talked to the crowd a lot, played ALL of their hits and some new songs, and it made me feel like I was 16 again!  It was an amazing night that I’ll never forget!

Personal Style: Ke$ha Chic

This past weekend, a few friends and I went up to Canandaigua to see Ke$ha! Anyone who knows me knows that I love concerts where you can dress up and be in a big dance party, so I was super excited to go! Plus, I’ve never been to a Ke$ha concert before, so that made it even better.

First, I had the tough decision of picking out what I was going to wear. Funny enough, four out of the five of us that went ended up wearing black, gold, and animal print. Great minds think alike!

Here’s what I ended up wearing:

kesha 1


Dress: H&M – SIMILAR
Belt: Target – SIMILAR
Shoes: Target
Cat ears: Forever 21
Fingerless gloves: Forever 21 – SIMILAR
Necklace: H&M
Spiked bracelet: ASOS

kesha 8

You see that little silver shimmer peeking out from my dress? Yeah, that’s my hand-made disco ball bra…extraordinarily similar to Lady Gaga’s. I made it for her concert a few years ago, and I’ve actually gotten about four wears out of it. I bought a small disco ball from Party City, ripped every little mirror off of the ball, and used fabric glue to secure the mirrors onto the ball. And after all of the wears and dancing that I’ve done in it, no mirrors have come off of it! For some reason, if you are insane like me and want to make your own disco ball bra, I highly recommend this method!

kesha 2

Glorious handmade feather headpieces!

Oh, and my sunglasses came from Blush boutique. They are Quay and you can find them HERE! Absolutely my new favorite pair of sunglasses.

kesha 10

This is the point where we started throwing glitter at each other. Because it’s not a Ke$ha concert unless you have a gigantic glitter party. I’m pretty sure there is actually still glitter embedded in my scalp.

kesha 13

This photo pretty much summed up the entire night.



I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why they call glitter the “herpes of the craft world.” You can NEVER GET RID OF IT.

pleated poppy

The Grove Music Festival

On Saturday, Nicholas, Zack, Mary and myself all took a road trip up to Toronto for the Grove Music Festival! One of the reasons I love living in Buffalo is that we are SO close to the Canadian border. Toronto is only 2 hours away at the most!

grove fest 3

FYI: My shorts are from Old Navy (on sale for $7!) and top is from Target. I also bought our flower crowns from Claire’s!

grove fest 2

The festival was held at Fort York and it was a great venue. Wonderful open space with lots of trees for shade as the weather was beautiful and sunny…no rain clouds in sight!

grove fest 7

grove fest 5

grove fest 6

There were lots of vendors and food, everything was super organized and relaxed. It was so nice just to chill out and listen to some great music and eat some yummy food!

grove fest 8

grove fest 9

POUTINE! Have any of my non-Canadian/non-Buffalonian friends ever had poutine? Cheese curds and gravy on top of fries. It’s so magical…if you haven’t had it before you need to get your hands on some ASAP.

grove fest 11

grove fest 10

grove fest 12

I believe this was Gaslight Anthem. The lineup was great, and I was really really looking forward to seeing Gaslight Anthem, Girl Talk, and Hot Chip, and they were all fantastic!

grove fest 13

grove fest 14

Girl Talk!

I danced way to hard to Girl Talk and my calves are still on fire…but it was totally worth it!

The Grove Music Fest was such a great time and I’m so happy that we ended up going!!

Did you have a fun weekend? Are there any music festivals going on in your area?

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