Essex Arts Center

 photo IMG_8277.jpg

Remember when it was sunny and warm outside? Yeah, me too.  This current weather is getting me down!  I’m so not a winter person…says the girl who lives in Buffalo.

 photo IMG_8272.jpg

But enough about the weather.  Let’s talk about art!  Here’s another installment in my Buffalo Public Art project, and this time we have traveled to the Essex Arts Center.

 photo IMG_8273.jpg

I’ve seen a few photos of those adorable chicks in the past but never knew where to find them.  Lucky enough, my friend hijacked me one night and took me to this very interesting art show at Big Orbit gallery, and there they were!  The chicks in all of their glory.

 photo IMG_8274.jpg

 photo IMG_8275.jpg

Unfortunately I do not know who the artists are, so if you know of them or have any more information on these pieces, please let me know!

 photo IMG_8281.jpg

Find the exact location of these amazing works of art as well as other incredible murals on my Buffalo Public Art page!  More pieces are being added all the time.


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