Tower of Power

 photo IMG_8310.jpg

With a name like Tower of Power, you know it’s gonna be good…

 photo IMG_8305.jpg

Check out Team Razor Wire‘s new mural, Tower of Power!  This beauty is located on the side of a building on Halbert Street near the Tri-Main Building in Buffalo.

 photo IMG_8319.jpg

Chris Kameck and Nick Miller, the team behind Razor Wire, are masters at geometry.  This is the fifth installment of the groups’ Advantageous Geometry Series.  I have one of their pieces from the Echo Art Fair listed on my Buffalo Public Art page.  Stay on the look out for a few more featured here  🙂

 photo IMG_8306.jpg

They are all about bringing a little bit of color to neighborhoods around the city that otherwise wouldn’t receive the attention they deserve.  With eye catching pieces like this, Razor Wire is definitely beautifying Buffalo, one building at a time.

 photo IMG_8307.jpg

Find the exact location of this piece, as well as other gorgeous murals around WNY on my Buffalo Public Art page!

 photo IMG_8313.jpg


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