Two Guys Good Buys

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How would you like to drop everything, hit the road and drive across the country buying up tons of vintage clothing and having the time of your life?

Sounds really enticing, doesn’t it.

Well, two local friends Tyler Annalora & Frank Fina did just that.  They started their Etsy shop Two Guys Good Buys in 2013 and it has grown into the trip of a lifetime.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler & Frank at their pop up at Ashker’s on Elmwood at the beginning of the month, and they are two of the nicest guys who really have  a passion for what they do.

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They did the local thing for a while, hitting up flea markets and such, but soon decided that they wanted to do more.  They purchased a van that they converted into a camper, and in 2015 they departed on the ultimate road trip, purchasing vintage clothing and accessories along their travels.

 photo F0DCE33D-E837-4434-9442-F48E93778E0B.jpg

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The items that they purchase all have a purpose and have stood the test of time.  They gravitate towards brands like Patagonia, LL Bean, Ralph Lauren and Woolrich.  Items that have a great reputation and functionality.

 photo A313C991-626C-479D-B5B6-BD5C13A4055A.jpg

I loved the way that they set up their shop.  Everything was so artfully placed and really spoke to who they are as people and what their business represents.

Luckily, I was able to purchase a few items for my husband who really appreciated the care and quality of these vintage finds.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next Two Guys Good Buys pop up.

Congrats on all of the success, Frank & Tyler, and make sure to check out their shop!

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