Personal Style: Weekend Casual

 photo DSC_0269.jpg

Since my job is in retail marketing, generally during the work week I like to dress up…like really dress up.  Like 90% of the time I look like a walking Kate Spade bag.  In a complete turn of events, on the weekends I like to dress like an angsty teenage boy- some form of black skinny jeans, a graphic tee, and a jacket.  Probably all black and with some form of camo thrown in.

That’s the look that we have here.  My trusty LOFT jeans, Rise Collaborative tee, Express camo jacket, and black booties.

But this post isn’t as much about my emo outfit as it is about this stunning mural.

 photo 169BA3AF-15B1-4332-A6A5-66BA78233B06.jpg

 photo DSC_0262.jpg

 photo DSC_0263.jpg

This mural was a partnership between the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery located on Main Street in Buffalo. Students in the art program collaborated with well-known Brooklyn muralist Alice Mizrachi to create this colorful masterpiece that reflects Buffalo’s ongoing revival and nods to the Harlem Renaissance of the early 20th century. (source)

 photo DSC_0264.jpg

Check out this mural as well as other pieces of public art on my Buffalo Public Art page, where I roam around the city, take photos of beautiful art pieces, and post their locations so you can check them out for yourself!


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