Rubber Ducky, You’re The One…

 photo 9968CF97-78F1-4849-814B-88D10AE282A9.jpg

So, yeah. That’s a big duck, right?

 photo 9578E542-F5A2-4F51-886D-831B27BC6BDE.jpg

It’s a 61-foot tall duck, to be exact.

 photo 6EE3862B-3842-4849-8FB0-D96924CC3941.jpg

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck made its appearance this past weekend at Canalside, and it was quite the exciting thing. It’s not every day that you see a gigantic duck floating feet away from you.

 photo CB16E5AE-1776-45A9-9252-964F7EF1798B.jpg

Of course I had to stop down and see the duck on Sunday, and it was complete madness. So I just took my cliche duck selfie and went on my way. It was pretty cool to see, though!

 photo 017BE918-46D0-4E3C-849B-FCD3829BFCC4.jpg

It looks like the duck will be in Erie, PA in September. If you get the chance, definitely check it out!

 photo CBC440A7-3FA1-467D-85D5-3B82D6D1CEC1.jpg


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