Strictly Fashion Strictly Feminine

 photo DD135A6C-82F5-4BD7-AB14-073AD0F90E79.jpg

Last week I was invited to attend the Strictly Fashion Strictly Feminine fashion show at Ilio DiPalo’s restaurant. I love going to fashion shows, so of course I accepted!

The show was full of many local designers such as Just Be by Betsey, Floyd Baker, Holly Henderson, Katie Gariey, and Chavonne Cantry just to name a few.  It wasn’t really publicized so the show was not well attended, but I was honored to be invited and to see all of the hard work that these designers have put in to making their clothing and accessories.

Lauren Hall, who hosts the local show Winging It, was the hostess for the first half of the show, and she looked super cute in her dress from TT New York.

 photo 7B908AE1-B1AC-4C60-96DE-E8ACE1958B3E.jpg

There were SO many looks in the show that I couldn’t post every single one of them, but here are a few from the different designers! I liked that each designer had a different feel to their collection, and you could really get their personality from looking at their clothing.

 photo 2AE709B9-C63A-48C6-80E9-28477F218176.jpg

 photo DB525274-954F-43A7-B858-676820214212.jpg

 photo AF81D65B-2D11-4D3D-993B-276531A11FF4.jpg

 photo 57E66DFF-2C0D-41DA-8D1D-0C83DD4A6928.jpg

 photo 25F0320E-5285-4864-B01F-B13640D39F55.jpg

 photo 1190B659-51CF-4481-84EC-87374941F54C.jpg

 photo A8BF2311-B676-4B2D-8F1B-D7513F4D48EB.jpg

 photo F6FFC49B-17B3-416A-8451-5F0CADE9FA68.jpg

 photo A360CB37-FE5F-4864-AE64-BA2E17F97104.jpg

 photo 7A53C84A-A493-429E-94CC-48D036C61C1B.jpg

 photo E8CF4574-6A5C-4113-AF47-E620365D05F3.jpg

 photo E3D36F64-F389-472F-8447-71767E9A3077.jpg

 photo E95AAAA4-8013-4E8F-A0B7-DFD438AD15A5.jpg

My favorite dress of the evening is that little black and white number above. I would wear that everywhere!

I really hope they advertise more if they decide to put on this fashion show next year.  These designers work so hard and deserve to have their pieces seen by a large audience!

Thank you very much, Floyd, for inviting me to your fashion show.  It was a great night out!


2 thoughts on “Strictly Fashion Strictly Feminine

  1. Thank you so much for coming to our show Lindsay… Of course I love your review… It was very nice., and yes we will be doing another in the summer… More thought out.., more promoted.., and more fashions too…

    For the record if I may.., You couldn’t have known but one of the designers, Chyvonne Canty was from NYC. And one of our models, ‘Feisty’ Sarah, had just returned from walking in the Paris Fashion Week. We also had models tripping in from Albany and NYC to do the show… So many freinds I can’t begin to thank them all… And thank you dear for coming too… I will definitely invite you to our new and improved version in 6 or 7 months… 🙂


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