Personal Style: The tights are back!

 photo Blackdressandbooties.jpg

It feels SO good to be wearing tights again! Don’t get me wrong, I love showing off my bare legs in the summer, but something about a pair of black tights and booties in the fall just makes me feel all cozy and happy.

 photo Blackpatterneddressandtights.jpg

This dress is one of my favorite transitional pieces. It’s so great in the summer with a pair of cute wedges, but also works in the fall with some tights and booties. Yay for pieces that can span more than one season!

 photo Blackpatterneddresswithbooties.jpg


Booties: SIMILAR


2 thoughts on “Personal Style: The tights are back!

  1. ADORE the dress!! Love the loose fit and that it can be dressed up/down for more than one season. Stunning fall ensemble…. I’ll be on the lookout for opportunities to wear something like this!

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