Miranda Kerr for H&M

Happy Friday!  It’s officially spring!  Spring…and it’s freezing cold outside, but there is a promise of a warm up in our future, and the new H&M spring collection featuring the gorgeous Miranda Kerr leaves me longing for the warmer temps.

I was able to check out the new collection in store, and there are a lot of great pieces!

Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

 photo 1044_04.jpg

Blouse:  $29.95
Skirt:  $14.95

 photo 1044_02.jpg

Tuxedo jacket:  $29.95
Ruffled top:  $9.95
Faux leather shorts:  $17.95

 photo 1044_13.jpg

Top:  $12.95
Skirt:  $24.95
Shoes:  $69.95

 photo 1044_15.jpg

Dress:  $19.95


3 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr for H&M

  1. I totally tried on that pink skirt with the pleats because it looked so super cute in the commercials. But it was REALLY heavy and stiff and reminded me of my high school cheerleaders uniform.

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