B&W Bathing Suits

I’ve come to realize that every single piece of clothing that I have put on my body recently has been either black or white.  It’s just so chic without looking boring.  Plus, it makes getting dressed in the morning a complete breeze!

With the promise of warmer months ahead (hopefully) and an upcoming Florida vacation, I’m starting to look at bathing suits.  But I’m not looking at bright colors, I’m gravitating towards black and white!

Here are a few of my favorite suits that I’ve come across:

 photo 0462_6085_073_of.jpg

American Eagle

 photo 0466_6238_001_of.jpg

American Eagle

 photo MCY.jpg


 photo 0751_8068_073_of.jpg


 photo 0754_8228_100_of.jpg


 photo spin_prod_947350712.jpg


Are you as big of a fan of black and white bathing suits as I am?  What will you be wearing to the beach this summer?


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