Personal Style: Lady in Red

 photo RedDressBlackBeltBlackTights.jpg

Would you believe how hard it has been for me to find a red dress?  There are millions of little black dresses, little patterned dresses, and little every-other-color-of-the-rainbow dresses, but I couldn’t find any little red dresses!

I think I went to pretty much every store I could think of, and only found about a handful of red dresses, and all either looked cheap or fit horribly, until I landed on this beauty at The Limited, and it was on CLEARANCE!  I think I paid a grand total of around $15 for this dress, and it was one of the best $15 I’ve spent!

 photo RedDress.jpg

It’s the perfect color red for me, and I’m pretty stoked that it matches my go-to red lipstick, MAC Russian Red.

 photo RedDressandBlackBelt.jpg

I added the black belt to go with my black tights, which I have to wear because it’s still freezing outside.  Which is why I’m taking these pictures in my awesome kitchen instead of my backyard.

Is it Spring yet?!?



pleated poppy


9 thoughts on “Personal Style: Lady in Red

  1. You look so classy and perfect for the week of Valentine’s! I’m totally jealous of that red dress, too cute! I remember awhile back I was trying to find red flats and it took me FOREVER and I was like… Aren’t red flats something that are always around? Apparently not, and apparently not red dresses either!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress, and a great deal, too! I always feel that when I’m looking for something specific, it suddenly becomes impossible to find. haha!

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