Niagara Falls Under Ice

 photo NiagaraFalls8.jpeg

Well, now that the Polar Vortex is apparently back and in full force (hello negative degree temperatures) I figured I would share a few photos from our little trip to Niagara Falls two weeks ago.

I was going to dinner with Nicholas and my parents, and we took a short detour to check out the falls.  We should have brought our ice skates.  The layer of ice on the ground was insanely thick, and insanely slippery…as you can see in the next series of photos:

 photo NiagaraFalls11.jpeg

 photo NiagaraFalls6.jpeg

 photo NiagaraFalls7.jpeg

I don’t think I’ve ever held onto a railing for dear life as much as I did then.  It was so worth it though.  The view was incredible!

 photo NiagaraFalls3.jpeg

 photo NiagaraFalls1.jpeg

 photo NiagaraFalls5.jpeg

It’s so funny.  I’ve been to the falls so many times that I kind of don’t see it as a big deal, but it IS one of the wonders of the world!

Are there any local treasures in your area that you see every day that is a wonder to non-locals?

 photo NiagaraFalls9.jpeg


One thought on “Niagara Falls Under Ice

  1. This has me cracking up. I love it! I have never been and want too. I am coming to find you after. Hello shopping and Jesse Pinkman stalking.

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