Fall Lip Colors

fall lips 2

When I first started really getting into makeup, I used to do the whole shebang every day- shadow, liner, lashes, bronzer, lip liner, lipstick, gloss, etc. but then I started working an actual 8-5 job and didn’t have 45 minutes to do my makeup every morning.  This caused me to completely forego lip color all together.  I just would carry around a Bert’s Bees in my purse that I would apply throughout the day (actually, I still do that.)

But now I’m realizing that lip color doesn’t have to be high maintenance.  Sure, in the summer I will still go lipstick-less most of the time, but now that fall is here, I’m craving warm and rich lip tones.

Here are 5 of my must-have intense lip colors for fall:

1.  NARS Scarlet Empress:  $26.00

Scarlet Empress

2.  Makeup Forever Satin Blueberry:  $20.00

Satin Blueberry

3.  NARS Amsterdam:  $26.00


4.  Kat Von D Hellbent:  $19.00


5.  Smashbox Vivid Violet:  $20.00

vivid violet

What are some of your favorite fall lip colors?  Do you go bold or are you more subdued?


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