Personal Style: Fall Essentials

Now that fall is in full-swing, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite essential pieces for the brisk weather.

Today I’m talking about the cozy open-front sweater, the quilted jacket, and a jewel-tone scarf.

First up we have the open-front sweater.

black skirt open sweater

I own a few of these sweaters and I love them because of how versatile they can be.  I can dress it up, like I did here with a skirt and tights, or I can dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and flats.  An open-front sweater can also be belted for more definition.

black skirt with open sweater

When I look for different pieces to fit into my wardrobe, I always look for that little “something extra.” Sure, I could buy this sweater in all black or white, but that would be boring!  I love to pair statement pieces like this with staples, like a black skirt and white tank.  It gives the outfit the little punch that it needs without being too overwhelming.

Next up, we have the quilted jacket!

quilted jacket

I talked a few weeks ago about how I was craving a leather moto jacket, but right now that isn’t affordable, so I had to settle for the next best thing!  From afar, the fabric does resemble leather, but it’s not!  It’s just a great shiny soft fabric that is super comfortable and light, yet warm enough to keep me toasty on a chilly fall day.

quilted jacket with tights

What I love about this jacket, though, is that the asymmetrical front zipper and extra zipper detailing gives the illusion of it being a moto jacket, but for a fraction of the price!

And what goes perfectly with a great jacket?  A colorful fall scarf!

quilted jacket with scarf

I’ve had this scarf for so many years, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.  It adds the perfect pop of color to an all-black outfit like this one, and jewel tones are always so hot for fall.  Don’t be afraid of bright colors in the fall time!


White Tank – SIMILAR


3 thoughts on “Personal Style: Fall Essentials

  1. This look is a surreal masterpiece. It is so simple yet says so much. And the eyes, and the glasses! Even if you didn’t have to wear glasses, you should wear them anyway since you wear them with such flair and attitude.

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