Buffalo Fashion Week: The Main Runway Event (part 2)

Okay, here we continue with recaps from the main runway event from Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week!

I had to narrow down to my favorite 6 looks from each designer.  Believe me, it was a hard choice!

Up first was Vincetta by Deanna Ansara

Each piece of clothing was so beautiful and fit the model perfectly.  The fabrics were super luxe and so glamorous.

vincetta 1

Vincetta 2

Vincetta 3

Vincetta 5

Vincetta 6

Definitely had that “old Hollywood” feel to it.  I loved it!

Up next was Rock’N’Roll People.  This show had a completely different feel to it.  Each model wore a red ski mask, which I thought was interesting.  It was super edgy and put a lot of focus on graphics, leather, and embellishments.  I’m kind of obsessed with the zippered leather jacket.







Next was probably the most entertaining show of the night.  Maria Allen- she makes clothing out of normal every day items.  Spoons, wire hangers, balloons, etc.  It’s amazing how someone can be so creative and make these incredible pieces!

Allen 6

Allen 1

Allen 2

Allen 3

Allen 4

Allen 5

And the most glittering show of the evening was the absolutely gorgeous jewelry designer Franci Couture Collection.  The pieces were so beautiful and I love how they dressed the models in simple clothing as to show off the jewelry in the best light.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Franci 1

Franci 6

Franci 3

Franci 5

Franci 4

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my main runway event recap!  Look for the final part 3 of my recap tomorrow!!


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