EPH Flower Crowns

eph flower crowns 6

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been really into hair accessories. I love how the perfect headband or head scarf can complete an outfit.

Lately, I’ve been exploring the world of flower crowns. I bought a cheap one from Claire’s when I went to the Grove Music Festival in Toronto, but I’ve been looking for one that was more elegant and that I could wear with multiple outfits.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon EPH Flower Crowns when I went to the Elmwood Art Festival a few weeks ago. I spoke with Katie, the owner, who was super sweet and all of her crowns were beautiful and amazing quality.

eph flower crowns 2

eph flower crowns 1

If you will look closely at the crowns, she sews on the flowers instead of gluing them so they last a lot longer. Plus (and I totally love this) she makes them on jelly-like flexible headbands, so they can be wrapped around your top-knot, like I did in this post! They are SO comfortable and all of the crowns were gorgeous.

eph flower crowns 4

eph flower crowns 3

You can find her Etsy store HERE and Facebook HERE. Her prices are so reasonable and I can’t wait until I can purchase another crown! I’m thinking of a deep red one next…sounds perfect for the fall time and for the holiday season.

eph flower crowns 5

You definitely will not be disappointed with your flower crown from EPH Flower Crowns!!


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