Welcome Home Party!

Last Wednesday my brother and his boyfriend came home for a visit since my brother was in his friend’s wedding on Saturday. They live in Seattle so I really only get to see my brother a few times a year, so it’s always a special occasion when he comes home! I’m going to be posting a few recaps this week of the few days that they were in town.

After I picked them up from the airport on Wednesday we went straight to our parent’s house for a big welcome home party! Here are a few pictures from that night.

NC party 4

Me and my brother Nick! Yeah, we really don’t look anything alike…

NC Party 1

Nick and his bf Chip. So adorable…love them!

NC Party 3

My mom got these awesome cups with a chalkboard label that you just write your name on it with your fingernail. So cute and so convenient to remember which cup is yours!


Hey, handsome!

NC party 2

Bella was hiding out in a separate room because she wasn’t a fan of all of the people, so I made sure to cover her up with a blanket 🙂


YAY Nick!

I was determined to show them some of the awesome things about Buffalo in the short period of time that they were here, so stay tuned for a few more posts about the fabulous places we took the boys!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Home Party!

  1. I literally gasped when I read this post. How crazy is it that I have a brother named Nick who lives across the country (in California) with his boyfriend?! Well, he’ll actually only be out there for another week or so, since he’s moving back to the east coast to start his postdoc research at Cornell. Sadly, his bf still has a couple more years of school to finish up out on the west coast! When he was in California, it was always good getting to see him on the holidays he’d come home for, and I even got to visit him out there twice!

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