Personal Style: Maxi Dress Turned Skirt

maxi 4

Or the title of this post can also be “I think I’m Beyonce because my hair kept blowing in the wind.” I think at one point or another in our lives we wish that we were Beyonce.

Okay, but really, let’s talk about maxi skirts. I have expressed my hatred for maxi dresses/skirts in the past because for one reason- I could never find any that were long enough. At 5’7, I’m not Jolly Green Giant tall, but it is still hard for me to find maxis that are long enough. I personally like them to skim the floor so you can’t see my shoes when I’m standing still.

maxi 2

See? Total Beyonce moment right here.

While shopping in Old Navy last year, I was browsing the clearance section when I came across a maxi tube dress. When I tried it on in the fitting room, I was bummed to see that it wasn’t long enough. But then I had a thought. What if I folded the tube top of the dress in half and wore the dress like the skirt? Well, I tried it out and BAM! The perfect length maxi skirt was born.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

maxi 1


Shirt: Gap Outlet – SIMILAR
Skirt (tube dress): Old Navy – SIMILAR

pleated poppy


10 thoughts on “Personal Style: Maxi Dress Turned Skirt

  1. How clever! You look great! I wear dresses as skirts and skirts as dresses quite often. I’m not tall or anything but it really does add more dimension to my wardrobe.
    PS Visiting from WIWW. You can see my outfit at Olivia Cleans Green.

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