I’m Back!

Hey all! Sorry for the short vacation, but I’m back in full-force.


Last week was pretty rough. It all started on Sunday when my husband found Bella unresponsive and hardly breathing in his parent’s backyard. Luckily they rushed her to the vet in time and they were able to revive her. She was up and walking around so we were able to take her home. We got a phone call from the vet on Tuesday morning saying that her liver enzymes were elevated and they wanted to admit her. They wanted to put her on IV fluids and start her on medication to bring the levels down. If the levels continued to go up, that meant that there was something wrong with her liver.

Long story short, she was in the ER for 2 nights, and her levels eventually did end up dropping, which made us so happy and hopeful. They still need to drop quite a ways more, but she is on medication and is going back for a check up and more blood work.

We are pretty sure that she had ingested some mushrooms. We are normally super careful about getting rid of any mushrooms in the yard, but it looks like a few were missed.

BE CAREFUL with your pets and wild mushrooms. You never know what your pets will get into in your own backyard. I’m so happy that my baby is back on the mend!

Bella 3


4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Awe, I am so glad to hear she is doing better!! That seemed like quite a scare. Lots of prayers things are okay!!!

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