Today I’m linking up with Life Rearranged and sharing some of my Instagram photos from the week. You can follow me on Instagram: Follow @linzguini

Sugar Coat

Have any of you tried Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen? This was my first time trying it and it was kind of cool, but kind of odd. I couldn’t stop touching my nails throughout the day and it was pretty distracting. The lasting power kind of sucked, too. Maybe that’s because I was doing a lot with my hands, but it majorly chipped in 3 days. Maybe I should try a base coat first?


This is my little baby Bella. As you can see, she didn’t want to get up in the morning. I think this is her form of protesting by looking adorable.


This is Macy, my brother-in-law’s new beagle puppy! I met her for the first time last weekend and she is SO adorable! Bella and her actually got along really well, which made me happy. She fell asleep while I was holding her which was the cutest thing ever!


So I’ve kind of got a thing for aviator sunglasses now. I used to think they never really looked quite right on my face, but I guess I just never found the right pair! I found these fabulous ones at Kohl’s. They are pretty similar to a Ray-Ban pair that I had my eye on, but were a fraction of the price! Always a bonus.


Target got me once again. I had been looking for a fedora for a while, and finally found one and these gorgeous sandals at Target! If you are looking to get these sandals, though, they seem to run a little big. I actually sized down a whole size, so you might want to take that into consideration!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!
life rearranged


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