One Piece, Two Ways

I can never believe how some celebrities have said that they never wear something twice. For us real people, this could never be practical or financially possible. Because of this, we need to come up with endless ways to style our same pieces of clothing in different ways to suit our every day lives.

The amazingly stylish Mary Kate over at Outfit Posts had an idea recently to have people send in photos of themselves styling one piece of clothing in two different ways. How fun is that?

I submitted these photos of myself and those fabulous red pants:

Lindsay Robson-Nickel City Pretty

Animal print and red pants post HERE

Polka dot and red pants post HERE

You can go check out the One Piece, Two Ways post at the blog Outfit Posts HERE!

Edited to add:  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Oklahoma whose lives were affected by the horrific tornados.  Sending lots of love your way.


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