Personal Style: My Heart

Happy Friday everyone!  Just a quick personal style post before I head out for the day.  I have the day off from work so I’m going to be running some errands with my fabulous mother.  If only it wasn’t STILL snowing outside!


Isn’t it funny how you think something looks great on you until you start taking pictures, then you REALLY see how it looks.  Being pear-shaped, I always tended to wear looser pants, thinking that anything tighter would make me look bigger.  Boy, did I get that one wrong.  I’m finally getting into the world of skinny jeans, and can I tell you how much BETTER I look and feel wearing pants that actually fit me?


Target saves the day again with a great pair of jeans!  Most of the jeans I buy are from Target…inexpensive, great fit, and great quality!



Sweater- JCrew Factory- SIMILAR

Buffalo check button up- Orvis

Jeans- Target

Boots- Merrell Factory

Watch- Fossil- SIMILAR


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