Lloyd Taco Truck


Food trucks have become a major player in Buffalo street eats.  Years ago, our only options were street-side hot dogs purchased from a shady vendor when leaving the bars on Chippewa at 4am.  But now, the food truck fad has traveled from the sunny West Coast to the shores of Lake Erie, and it is so so good.

For food truck aficionados, there is a Buffalo food truck directory, found HERE.  This website lists all of the food trucks in the area, their websites, and their menus.  I recommend following each truck on Twitter, where they give daily updates on where they will be located.

One of my favorite trucks is the Lloyd Taco Truck.  I love tacos, and Lloyd never disappoints.  Here’s a shot of what I ordered today:


One chimichurri chicken taco and one tomatillo pork taco.  Shredded cabbage, cheese, cilantro, and an amazing magical delicious sauce top these beauties.  You have to finish it off with the squeeze of lime- perfection.

You can find their website HERE.  They list their menu and where they will be located throughout the week. 

If you love food trucks like I do, Lloyd is a must!!!


7 thoughts on “Lloyd Taco Truck

  1. The food trucks are amazing aren’t they?! The ones in Vancouver (Can.), Seattle, Portland are often times better than actual restaurants. You only got one thing wrong…sunny west coast? Where’s the sun? (Ha!)

  2. Glad to see food trucks are making it over in Buffalo! I’ll second that the west coast has some great food trucks. I always love when they become so popular that they end up opening a brick and mortar shop!

    And what’s wrong with street hot dogs? I’ve willingly gotten a Seattle Dog (cream cheese on a hot dog anyone?) many a time…although maybe not while being sober…

    1. I know around Buffalo, some of the chocolate companies put “pop up shops” in vacant store fronts to sell their goodies especially for Easter. Regular grocery stores are starting to carry really good brands of chocolate now, though. Definitely check out your local stores or candy shops to see what you can find!

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