Joe Fresh for JC Penney

I worked at JC Penney at the Boulevard mall for 6 years, and this was way before it started getting super cool with the addition of Sephora.  I remember the old old cash registers before they got all new fangled and hi-tech…oh man, now I’m really starting to show my age.

But now JC Penney has completely refaced their stores, making them more trendy and eye-catching.  They are also starting to carry products by big name designers like Nicole Miller, Betsey Johnson, and Marchesa.

But the newest designer coming to JCP that I’m super excited about is Joe Fresh!

I’ve always envied other bloggers who get to look all super cute in their Joe Fresh pieces, while I’m living in a Joe Fresh-less area (aka not Canada or NYC).   But now, I get to join in on the fun!  And as a bonus, the prices are super reasonable!

The collection will be available in stores starting in March, but it is already online.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I am excited to check out:

joe fresh 1

You know how I love my gingham!  Available HERE

joe fresh 2

I love the tie-dye effect on this top.  Available HERE

joe fresh 3

The colors on this tunic are so pretty and springy!  Available HERE

joe fresh 4

These jeans come in so many pretty colors!  Available HERE

joe fresh 5

How cute is this dress?  Available HERE

joe fresh 6

And come on, seriously, how ADORABLE is this pair of shorts?  Available HERE

Are you as excited for this collection as I am?

I am not affiliated with JC Penney or Joe Fresh, I just love them both!

10 thoughts on “Joe Fresh for JC Penney

  1. Just found your blog…and the JC Penney mention – what a blast from the past. I, too, worked at JC Penney at the Boulevard Mall (for 5 yrs) – Boys dept – so had to wonder if we overlapped. I doubt it. It’s been many, many, many years, but you mentioned the old registers, so…I was there ’87-92; high school through college.

  2. Here for the lace shorts, LOVE this! I’ll have to online shop too-I think our trendiest JCP is the HomeStore-but I’m a ’97-2001 ECKERD employee, so I was able to enjoy the discount at JCP! ~memories!

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