Personal Style: Gingham & Animal Print

That’s right, I said gingham AND animal print.  Fashion is fun, so why not take a risk!

For my outfit of the day, I took a look which COULD have been expensive, but I put together for a fraction of the price.

Gingham is so hot right now, thanks to stores like J. Crew, but as we all know, their clothing can be extremely expensive.  This is when Old Navy steps in. I scored my top for 1/4 of the price of the J.Crew!  Observe:

This is the J.Crew version for $78.00.  You can find it HERE.


And this is the Old Navy version!






I added the animal print belt for a little bit of pizzazz and the gold jewelry tied everything together.  Pattern mixing can be tricky, but most of the time it will pay off.  It can be a lot less scary when you start small.  You don’t have to pair full on stripes with polka dots right away!


Black Gingham Shirt: Old Navy-black sold out online-other colors HERE, Animal print belt: Came with pants from Target-similar HERE, Jeans: Target, Necklace: Lauren Conrad for Kohls-similar HERE, Bracelet: Forever 21-similar HERE


2 thoughts on “Personal Style: Gingham & Animal Print

  1. Girrrllll, you know I’m reading your blog everyday!! Anyways, you are looking crazy skinny! What are you doing? You look great! Keep it up 🙂 Any tips for me??

    1. Yay Christine I’m so happy to have readers! Thank you! I’ve been trying to not eat as many sweets/carbs and I’m watching my portion size. I’m also working out 4 times a week, cardio and free weights. Most of all, my new found acid reflux gave me a reality check on what I can and cannot eat if I don’t want to feel like I’m dying lol Miss you!

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